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Many companies today are moving to delivering their whole business online as there are lots of benefits including cutting costs, the ability to do business 24/7, engaging with customers globally and the chance to grow revenue with more buyers than ever before.

But what if you don’t have an actual address to use on Google, or if your business is run from home and you don’t want customers to know your personal details? How do you show up in Google Maps and create an account through Google My Business?

There are a few options, the first being that you can set-up a virtual address. In Perth, you have quite a few companies to choose from, who provide diverse services with different price ranges, from as little as $60 a month.

You can choose to just have the virtual address on St Georges Terrace for example, or you can have a telephone answering service, the ability to have your own office space and the usage of board-room facilities for workshopping with your customers. Of course the more services you require, the higher the monthly payment will be.

Some of the popular options in Perth include:

But there are other ways to actually set-up an address on Google Maps for your business without going down the virtual address route.

If you are a small-business and are moving from bricks and mortar to a fully online store, or have been operating in the online arena for a while without a Google address, Redhead Digital Marketing can help you set this up for very easily with no additional costs.

To find out more call 0450613460 or book a free one-hour consult at – one of Perth’s top digital marketing agencies.

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