Data & Analysis

At the heart of all of our strategies is data. Consumer behaviour is constantly changing due to the evolving digital landscape. It’s important you know exactly what your customers want and where they are so that you can engage with them effectively.
Redhead Digital Marketing_dataanalytics
But most not-for-profits are really busy and often have limited resources, so fail to use data to make strategic competitive decisions. You might think you know who your customers are and that business is going well, but you might not have identified all of the potential business opportunities.
This is where Redhead Digital Marketing will help you, by undertaking vital market research and using data in all of our decisions we can help you to:
  • Have a better understanding of your customers. Many businesses don’t really know their target audience well, consequently they miss the opportunity to grow and become more profitable and offer services and targeted content that help to retain and gain more customers. We’ll work with you to learn more about your customers using the empathy map.
Redhead Digital Marketing Empathy Map
  • Be aware of emerging digital issues and trends in order to determine which services to develop and offer to better engage with your customers.
  • Provide a customer experience better than your competitors.
  • Save money only investing in digital channels that deliver.
  • Develop highly impactful strategies and campaigns that give results and provide a clear return on investment.

We set you up for success through:

  • Brand health and competitive positioning.
  • Customer journey mapping and persona development.
  • Monitoring the success of your digital activities and identifying ways to improve performance.
  • Customer experience and satisfaction.

At the heart of all our strategies is data.