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Website Design

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Website Design

Identify opportunities

Todayhaving an online presence for a not-for-profit is as crucial as having a phone number it can help sell your products, attract new customers, drive venue, manage your brand reputation and help you identify opportunities through real-time analytics.

Defining your why

There’s so much to consider in designing and building a new website that it can seem quite overwhelming, this is where we come in. We’ll initially sit down with you as part of our  free consultation and find out exactly what you are trying to achieve and then we’ll start with looking at defining your purpose for your website and target audience.

Writing content for your customers

Your website design, navigation and content should be driven by a purpose that aligns with your target audience and their goals. You may have your target audiences defined or may need some help in this space. You might be wondering why do the target audiences matter, they do for a number of reasons for example some audiences need the content to be written in a different tone and context to keep them engaged.

Do your research

It’s also a good idea to do some research beforehand to get some ideas around how you’d like your website to look. And don’t be afraid to do something different to the competition. Your website is your face to the world. You want to create distinction with something that is different to everyone else.

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Web Development

Our web designers and developers have been creating great websites for not-for-profits and small business for over 24 years. We don’t just build high-quality websites, we support our partners throughout the lifespan of their business with quality advice and IT services as needed.

Services provided

As a local Perth business, we have continually built ongoing, long-term business relationships with our many partners, this is down to the services we provide as part of our standard business package, which includes:

  • Provide free initial project discussions.
  • Organise a domain name.
  • Setup your hosting and email accounts
  • Help with site content outlining and organisation.
  • Provide a site theme design customised to your business.
  • Create basic custom enquiry forms (complex forms will require discussion).
  • Add photo galleries, project portfolios, slideshows or video as needed.
  • Provide FREE site hosting for 12 months.
  • FREE initial search engine optimisation so you can be found in the search engines.

* up to $100 in stock images provided. Photography or video production not included.

Keep Evolving as your business changes

Our service does not stop when we deliver your website. A good website is always changing. New web content needs to be added based on user feedback, we don’t take a ‘set and forget’ approach. We offer support for the life of your website, which means you can rely on our digital agency to help you grow your business and meet your business objectives.

Search Engine Optimisation

Only 26 per cent of small businesses including not for profits in Australia are using search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics (Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report) to reach more customers on platforms such as Google and Bing.

Reaching the number one spot

One of the great ways to create visibility for your business is through search engine optimisation. However, this alone isn’t going to get you there. If you are a cause organisation and trying to get that number one spot, it’s going to take a while to get there, or depending on how competitive the market is you may never get there.

More worryingly more than half of the people surveyed said they do not intend to use SEO as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Help you to deliver a strong SEO strategy

This is down to the fact that online marketing can seem like a minefield (from setting up Google adwords, search terms and link building) and you just don’t have the time to focus on this with many other competing priorities.

That’s where we come in, we will help you deliver a strong SEO strategy and ensure you are receiving more traffic to your website by optimising your site looking at three key areas – technical website setup, content and backlinks.


With your website we’ll look at things like your website navigation and links and how quickly your web pages load.

With content we will conduct a thorough keyword search to uncover keyword phrases your audience will be looking for.


Finally we will look at back links (link building) and generating quality links that will increase your rankings with Google.

We use a range of advanced SEO tools to ensure you get found by your customers.

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We’ll help your brand get noticed, grow your
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