What the grant covers

It depends what space you’re in. If you haven’t got a digital marketing strategy we’ll help you create one. We’ll do some research to see what the opportunities are and then make some recommendations on what digital channels will work for you (paid, earned and owned) to attract, engage and convert customers. If you already have a digital marketing strategy that isn’t quite working for you, we’ll do some research to see why and look at what gaps exist to help you raise vital funds, build brand awareness and grow your business.

Eligibility criteria

Redhead Digital Marketing is here to help brands mean more to many. To win hearts, you need an authentic purpose that resonates with people, and compels them to choose you. We discover what makes your customers/donors tick and we craft a strategy to match to help you your brand grow and raise vital funds.
To apply you need to be a not for profit, charity or social enterprise based in Western Australia. All we care about is the ability for your business to have a positive impact on the world.
If you meet these criteria, please apply using the online application form before the end of May 2020.
Good luck.