How to develop a compelling case for support

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If you want companies to donate to your not for profit you will need an amazing case for support. It’s one of the most important documents you will ever put together, but the majority of not for profits don’t have one. Or if they do, they forget to include the most important factors that are crucial to the case for support and your message – the who, the what, the why, the how and the when of your company. It actually asks and answers the question, what would happen if your company didn’t actually exist.

What makes up a good case for support?

A good case for support also includes the following elements – what the current crisis is, what is the risk if nothing happens, what is the opportunity if something is actioned and what is the vision for the future. A simple example is provided below.

Crisis: 100 people decide to abandon their dogs every week leaving them without food, shelter and warmth. (what is the problem we are trying to solve and who are we trying to help).

Risk: Without your help there is no option for dogs but to try and survive on the streets and sadly many of them will never make it. (why should you help?)

Opportunity: You can make sure that another dog finds a happy home by donating just $10 a month through our website. (how you can help solve the problem – also your call to action).

Vision: To ensure that every abandoned dog is found and doesn’t suffer. We want to bring them back to health and ensure every vulnerable dog is adopted and finds a new family to love and care for them.

Make sure that by reading your case for support people actually know what you do and what you want them to do to help you.

Different communication styles
The style of communication could be in a digital format like a video, a formal document or an infographic brochure. The type of communication you choose will depend on who you are trying to communicate with. For example, with a corporate you may wish to go with a more formal document that provides more information and detail. I actually think that a video works with all types of audiences – it’s visual and it can really get your message across immediately and with impact.

A great example of a case for support in video format is Sick Kid’s.

Traits of a great case for support

  • A great case for support empowers the donor to feel they want to be part of the solution.
  • It creates a sense of urgency, so the donor understands what will happen if they do nothing.
  • It’s clear, concise and based on facts. Read your case for support through, cut out all the jargon, if you don’t you could lose potential supporters.
  • Make sure that the message is motivational, impactful and inspiring.
  • Write in the present tense, it makes your message seem more urgent and relevant.
  • Make sure you have a strong call to action, so a donor wants to take that final step to donate to your not for profit.

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