Digital Strategy

Digital is constantly changing. And so are the opportunities for your company. We’ll help you identify the right tools from content marketing, SEO and social media. We take an approach that is tailormade to your needs providing a bespoke data-driven digital marketing strategy, that will help you meet your business goals.

We’ll start by helping you identify realistic goals. What does success really look like for your business? Do you want to focus on building brand awareness, growing your customer/donor base (lead generation) and revenue?

Smart insights are at the heart of our digital marketing strategy. We’ll collect data from your customers, competitors and different digital touchpoints to develop a data-driven digital marketing strategy built.

We’ll look at:

Target audience/personas – do you really know who your customers are and what they want?

Competitors – what are your competitors doing, are they using digital technologies effectively – what opportunities and gaps exist for you? Can you provide a better customer service and experience than them?

We’ll also develop a great digital content marketing strategy for you. If you can get this right, you will inspire trust and brand loyalty from your customers. The successful implementation of a good content marketing strategy using the right digital channels (social media, video and blog posts to name a few), will see an increase in brand awareness, returning customers and revenue growth.

Helping great causes mean more to more people.